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3 Ways to Promote Leadership at Summer Camp

3 Ways to Promote Leadership at Summer Camp


There are many developmental and psychological benefits to summer camp. Many programs enhance kids’ leadership qualities through their activities and programming. Kids often come back willing and able to voice their ideas and opinions both at home and in the classroom. 

1) Safe No Judgment Environment 

Most camps are built as no judgment zones where kids can act silly and dress up in costumes. Traditions, being away and experienced staff mentor kids so that they can find their voices. The shy kid can sing songs without worry of being bullied or judged and kids can pursue their real passions. When kids are in a safe environment, they recognize that their ideas are actually important. He first step to leadership is finding and using one’s voice. 

2) New Experiences Push Kids 

Summer camps push kids out of their comfort zones. Youth leave their comfortable homes, leave cities and put down the video games to try new things. When the parental safety net is removed and technology is not a distraction, kids learn important problem solving skills. They have to figure out how to get up the climbing wall, solve a computer science issue or what it means to direct or star in a dramatic performance. 

3) Develop Values

Leading means understanding one’s moral compass and personal values. No matter the camp, kids learn a lot about themselves and what they care about. It’s a chance to learn how to be a part of a team, how to care for others and even how to care for the self. When strong values are in place, youth come back stronger leaders ready to change their communities. 

Just one summer at camp can help a kid discover themselves. They will start joining clubs and participating in sports, and they will be more vocal in the classroom. Summer camps raise an independent leader who is college bound and ready for the world.


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