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3 Steps to Hire the Best Summer Camp Staff

3 Steps to Hire the Best Summer Camp Staff


Summer camps with the best staff keep youth happy, safe and growing. After all, a dynamic mentor can help a kid reach their full potential or see their worth. Families always want programs that take great care to recruit and keep a talented and diverse team who will nurture kids and ensure they have the best summers of their lives. 

Summer camps with the best staff keep youth happy, safe and growing

1) Recruitment Strategies: 

The first step for any summer program is to spread the word about different summer positions. Camps can recruit online via the American Camp Association job board, using websites like or Craigslist and via word of mouth. It’s important to be specific. recommends that camps highlight what makes them special: whether it’s the faith-based focus of the program, specialized curriculum like STEM or leadership activities or the program’s location ( 

2) Onboard, Mentor, and Plan for the Future 

The ACA has developed a toolkit for programs looking to recruit, keep and mentor the best staff ( Once hired, it’s important that staff know what the mission is, policies and procedures, and have regular evaluations. Additionally, summer camps should think about the succession plan for different positions. Happy staff work harder, especially those who feel like programs and their supervisors are investing in their success. 

3)  Diversity Is Important 

Every camp needs a wide range of staff to best mentor youth. For example, there needs to be both extrovert leaders and introvert leaders so that all kids have the right mentor for them. Smart summer camps will take the time to also think about their gender breakdowns and where their staff are coming from. Some organizations even hire international staff to further add diversity to their sites. 

Summer registration is open already. Families are always looking for talented staff who will take care of their children. It is never too early to get started with staff recruitment. Families are already on the hunt for summer camps with the best staff and reputation. 



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