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The Difference Between Summer Day Camps, Travel Camps and Residential Camps

Day camps, true to their name, are exclusively done during the day, usually from the morning to late afternoon or evening. Many types of camps use this format, including drama camps, arts and crafts camps, animal care camps; every camp under the sun. Travel camps, on the other hand, are often focused on adventure and introducing the children to new experiences in unfamiliar territory. Residential camps are usually overnight camps in which your child will spend a few days or more completely away from home in a myriad of new experiences.

Coeducational Camps versus Gender-specific Camps

This is a choice that you and your child will have to make together. Coeducational summer camps offer the experience of children learning to work together, regardless of gender, while gender-specific camps often focus on issues related to gender during counseling sessions such as low self-esteem in girls. Your choice depends on what you want your child to glean from his or her summer camp experience.

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Understanding Traditional Camps, Specialty Camps, and Traditional Camps with Specialized Programs

Traditional camps often have a wide variety of activities that every girl or boy can enjoy such as horseback riding, swimming, archery and more. Specialty camps, on the other hand, often focus on one thing. Mathematics camps and soccer camps are just a few examples of specialty summer camps. Traditional camps with specialized programs still offer a wide variety of activities, but they offer them with an increased level of competition and advancement.

The Difference Between Private Camps, Non-Profit Camps, and City Camps

Private camps are often more expensive than non-profit camps and city camps as they require more finances for summer camp upkeep. Non-profit camps will usually offer scholarship programs for disadvantaged children and will focus more on education or bettering the community. City camps have a similar tune; they focus on bettering the world through the education of children who reside in the city.

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