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How to Safely Share Summer Camp Photos With Friends and Family

How to Safely Share Summer Camp Photos With Friends and Family


If you took a camera with you to summer camp, then you will likely have several photos you want to share with your friends and family members when you return home. When sharing photos, especially photos with people other than yourself in them, it is important to remember a few safety tips. These tips can keep embarrassing photos from falling into the wrong hands and can help keep your memories private. 

Create a Physical Photo Album or Scrapbook

Instead of uploading your photos on the internet, consider making a physical scrapbook of your favorite camp memories. This can be a great keepsake for you and will allow you to share your memories with your friends and family when you see them in person. 

Make Sure All Online Photo Albums Are Set to Private

Any time you upload photos online, make sure the album you upload them to is set to private. This way, you can control who is invited to see the photos and prevent strangers from accessing them. 

Disable Downloading of Your Online Photos

Almost every online photo site or social media site has an option that allows you to disable downloading of your photos. You should always disable downloading of photos of you and your camp friends. This prevents possible bullies from downloading your photos and also prevents your friends and family from downloading photos and then sharing them publicly. 

Keep Embarrassing Photos Private

Many camp photos may be slightly embarrassing for some of the people in them. For example, the midnight chocolate fight you had with your tent mates with chocolate smeared on your faces may not be the most flattering photo. You can keep these photos for yourself and share them with your friends when you are together, but you should refrain from uploading these photos as they can embarrass people if they are made public.

While it can be fun to share your camp memories with others, you should consider keeping some of your memories private. This protects you and your friends and gives you something special to bond over.


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