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5 Tips for Keeping In Touch With Summer Camp Friends

5 Tips for Keeping In Touch With Summer Camp Friends


Summer camp can be an excellent place to make friends. If you made new friends who live far away from you, then you may be worried about keeping in contact with them throughout the school year. Below are some tips to make sure you stay in touch:

1. Check for Official Social Media Groups

Many camps have an official Facebook group for each summer session or a private area on their website where campers can upload photos and share stories. You should look for these official groups to easily and safely stay in contact with many of your camp mates at once. 

Social Media Groups for Summer Camps to Stay in Touch

2. Make Sure All Social Media Groups Are Set to Private

If you are starting your own social media group to share photos with your select camp friends, make sure that the group is set to private so only you and your friends can access the content. However, even if you are in a private group you should carefully consider what information and photos you post to protect the safety of the group members

3. Consider Using Traditional Mail

Camp is a physical experience that email and phone calls cannot match. Consider sending some physical letters to reconnect. You can add a few friendship bracelets to the package so your friend has a physical reminder of you. 

4. Try to Set Up a Time to Talk Regularly

School life can get busy quickly, and it is easy to let months go by without talking to your camp friends. If you want to stay in touch, consider setting up a specific time to talk each week, either on the phone or on social media. Additionally, set a specific date each month when you will write a letter or an email to your camp friends. 

5. Consider Planning a Reunion

The best way to stay in contact with your friends is to plan a reunion. If you do not live too far away from each other, consider planning a weekend sleepover or camp out for your camp friends. 

Staying in touch with your camp friends can be difficult during the school year. However, it will make returning to camp together the next year even more fun and exciting.


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