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5 Ways for Parents to Help Children Transition Home After Summer Camp

5 Ways for Parents to Help Children Transition Home After Summer Camp


After your child comes home from summer camp, it may take awhile for them to adjust to their everyday life. Below are some ways that you can help make the transition easier for you and your child.

1. Ask Questions About Camp

Your child likely had many new experiences at camp that they would like to talk about. You should ask questions and try not to get annoyed if your child repeats the same story several times. They are simply excited about their experience and want to share it.

2. Prepare for Your Child to Be Camp Sick

Just as children get homesick when they are at camp, they can get camp sick when they return home. Signs of camp sickness include your child being mopey, irritable, and distant. You should prepare for a brief period of camp sickness and allow your child to grieve the transition away from camp if they need to.

Prepare for Your Child to Be Summer Camp Sick

3. Encourage Your Child to Keep In Contact With Their Friends

You can encourage your child to keep in contact with the friends they made at camp by writing letters, exchanging emails, or making phone calls. You can help your child set up a social media group for their camp friends to make sure they maintain their camp friendships.

4. Print Photos Quickly

Photos can be an excellent way for your child to remember their good times at camp. Even if your child used a digital camera, you should have the photos printed. This will allow them to make a summer scrap book, which will help them process their memories.

5. Embrace Your Child's New Independence

Children often experience more independence at camp than they do at home. For example, your child may have cooked meals at summer camp and practiced solving problems on their own. You should realize these achievements and be prepared to allow your child to experience more responsibility and freedom at home.

While the transition home after camp can be difficult, there are many ways for you to support your child when they return home. Your support can help make the transition more positive and easier.


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