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5 Tips for Getting Along With Your Bunk Mates at Summer Camp

5 Tips for Getting Along With Your Bunk Mates at Summer Camp


Your bunk mates can quickly become your lifelong friends or they can become a difficult part of your summer camp experience. Below are five tips to help you get along with your bunk mates and make sure they are friends, not foes:

1. Be Friendly From the Beginning

Often, you or your bunk mates can be nervous when you first meet, and nervousness can come across as disinterest or even snobbishness. To make sure your nerves are not getting the best of you, try to be friendly and outgoing from the beginning. Shake hands with your bunk mate, introduce yourself, and try to start a conversation.

2. Respect Their Space

Throughout camp, the bunk can be a quiet place to retreat to when you feel overwhelmed. Make sure all of your bunk mates feel safe and welcome in your bunk. Take loud activities outside of the bunk and make sure your belongings do not creep into your bunk mates' space.

3. Respect Their Belongings

Taking items without asking is the quickest way to end up at odds with your bunk mates. Make sure you ask whenever you want to borrow an item and replace it where you found it when you are finished with it.

Respect Your Bunk Mates-Kids Belongings at Summer Camp

4. Communicate With Them

Before anything goes wrong, consider making some bunk rules with your bunk mates. This will give you the chance to express your needs while hearing their expectations for camp life.

If something comes up later on, it is a good idea to talk about it sooner rather than later. If you have difficulty talking with your bunk mates, your counselor will be able to help mediate a conversation.

5. Include Them In Activities

The easiest way to make a friend out of your bunk mate is to get to know them. To do this, you should invite them to join activities with you. Even something as simple as inviting them along to the bathroom to brush your teeth together can start your friendship.

Your bunk mates should be some of your best friends at camp, and this list will help you make sure they are.


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