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5 Tips for Making Lasting Friendships at Summer Camp

5 Tips for Making Lasting Friendships at Summer Camp


Summer camp is about trying new things, having a fun time, and making new friends. While there is plenty of advice on how to introduce yourself to others and make new friends while at camp, you might wonder what will happen to your friendships when summer ends.

Below are five ways that you can make sure your new friendships last through the summer and longer:

1. Share Details About Your Life

While you do not have to go into detail about everything you have ever experienced, it is important to share about yourself with your new friends. Instead of just doing activities together, talk about what you like and what you hope to do during the coming school year.

2. Listen and Ask Questions

While sharing about yourself, make sure that you listen to what your new friends are sharing as well. Ask questions about them and listen to their answers. This will help build trust between you.

3. Take Photos Together

Photographs can be a good reminder of camp friendships. Even if you did not bring your camera to camp, try to make sure you take a couple of photos with your friend. You can ask another friend to take a photo of you or you can make sure you are next to each other for the camp photo.

Make Lasting Friendships at Summer Camp - Take pictures together

4. Exchange Gifts

You should also exchange gifts while at camp to help you remember each other after camp. Gifts should be small but meaningful. For example, a friendship bracelet or a painted rock from your favorite nature trail can make excellent gifts.

5. Exchange Contact Information

Before the end of the summer, you should make sure to exchange contact information with your new friend. It is easy to stay in touch throughout the year by phone, e-mail or social media. This way, you can plan to attend the same camp together next year or even meet up during the school year.

Making new friends at camp can be easy. If you follow the above advice, keeping your new friends throughout the year can also be easy.


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