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3 Ways to Build Relationships between Summer Camps & Parents

3 Ways to Build Relationships between Summer Camps & Parents


Parents who trust summer camps are a valuable resource. They are most likely to attend camp events like performances and sporting events and are eager to spread the word about the organization. And of course, happy families mean that kids can build on their summer progress when they return home. The best ways to build relationships with parents is to be transparent with them before the program begins, stay in touch and implement their suggestions. 

1) Be Clear with Parents about the Program

Families want to know what their kids are doing in the summer, much like in the classroom. When camps take the time to explain their activities or talk about a child’s strengths and challenges, parents feel like they are included in the learning process. This breeds trust between both parties so that everyone is on the same page. 

2) Personalize the Relationship 

A quick conversation that is meaningful, even on a busy day, means the world to parents. Camp counselors and leadership staff should take the time to chat with parents and create opportunities for these connection points. For example, planning a family day or inviting parents to fundraisers or summer events makes them feel noticed and included. 

3) Take Their Advice

Summer camps often receive feedback post-summer about activities, staff and the program as a whole. Programs that take their families’ advice show that they are truly listening to feedback. After all, this is about the overall development of children. Parents who offer advice or even call to complain will feel like camps are on their side if they step up to the plate and change their brochure, adapt an activity or even add something to the site. For example, a simple change like adding a water fountain or paying attention to vegan and vegetarian menu items can have a huge impact on the relationship between camps and families

Building a relationship between camps and parents does not take much time. Programs just need to pay attention to their families words and needs and respond.


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