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4 Winter Activities to Get Your Child Ready for Summer Camp

4 Winter Activities to Get Your Child Ready for Summer Camp


If you are thinking about sending your child to summer camp for the first time next year, or if you sent them last year and they struggled at summer camp, there are several ways you can help your child prepare during the winter. While you don't need to start discussing summer camp with your child this early, below are four activities you can encourage to help your child gain the skills they need at summer camp. 


Sleepovers at friends houses or with family members help your child get used to being away from you overnight. They also help your child learn what to do when they wake up in an unfamiliar place and get comfortable sharing a room with other people. All of this can make sleeping in a shared cabin at camp a little less frightening and more familiar. 

Ski Weekends

Ski trips can help you get your child out in nature during the winter. It can also give them critical skills as far as packing their belongings, planning their time, and keeping track of their belongings. 

While family ski weekends are helpful, it is even more helpful to send your child on a school ski trip, where they are with teachers they know and trust but get to experience living and cooperating with other kids. 

Extra Responsibilities

At summer camp, your child may be expected to sort their own laundry, keep their bunk area neat, and wash their own dishes. By starting with these simple chores at home, you will help make sure that your child feels comfortable completing these activities at camp. This will allow your child to concentrate on the fun, social aspects of summer camp when they go instead of struggling with the basic responsibilities of campers. 

More Unstructured Time With Other Children

Many modern parents place their children in several after school activities. While these can be interesting and helpful for children, it is also important for you to give your child unstructured time with other kids. This helps your child develop their communication and conflict resolution skills, which can be helpful while they are at camp. 

Throughout the entire year, you can prepare your child for a positive camp experience. These are just some of the examples of ways you can prepare your child for camp during the winter. 


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