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3 Ways that Summer Camp Increases Self-Esteem

3 Ways that Summer Camp Increases Self-Esteem


Kids who attend summer camp come back tan, smiling and ready to take on new challenges. Any child who has battled self-esteem issues like bullying can benefit from summer camp. Youth come back confident because they have a safe space to grow. 

1. Empowerment Through Responsibility

Kids who attend a summer program are given the space and encouragement they need to make their own decisions. Small things like making their beds every day or cleaning their cabins or speaking the morning announcements in front of everyone empower youth. By practicing their leadership skills, kids come home knowing how to use their voice and knowing that they are capable. 

2. Community Building

Summer camp programs are all about community building. Many groups focus on songs, camp pride and unity. Over time, kids start to feel like their cabin or camp group is their second family. When kids feel a part of something, they no longer feel isolated or misunderstood. Many programs are focused on helping youth develop and nurture their interests. It’s comforting for kids to know that there are other people their age who love the arts, sciences, sports and other activities. 

3. Challenge by Choice

Camps are designed to help youth challenge themselves in safe ways. For example, kids set formal and informal goals around things like swimming, the climbing wall, talent show and other summer activities. Encouraging staff are trained to develop healthy relationships and support youth as they work through challenges. When a kid does something new or reaches a new level, they discover their worth. 

Camps are all about self-acceptance, leadership and community building. Every program has something that makes it special. Researching the camps, visiting them and talking to former and current participants helps families make the right decision.


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