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Family Learning Village: Anti-Racist Parenting and School Advocacy Wor

Family Learning Village: Anti-Racist Parenting and School Advocacy Workshop for Black Parents

Family Learning Village: Anti-Racist Parenting and School Advocacy Workshop for Black Parents
May 17

Family Learning Village: Anti-Racist Parenting and School Advocacy Workshop for Black Parents

Family Learning Villages offer Black caregivers a space to discuss and practice anti-racist parenting and school advocacy techniques. These workshops are the first step in the journey to becoming a certified Village of Wisdom Family Advocate, and we hope that participants will go on to participate in Family Advocacy Committees. Parents who complete the entire FLV will receive a $150 offering (per family) to apply toward their children's enrichment and growth. FLVs, organized by Village of Wisdom, are interactive workshops for parents of Black children led by Black organizers and parents of Black children. During the worshop, we'll talk about ways that racism shows up in education throughout history and in our children's lives. We'll also discuss ways for Black parents to help their children build the positive racial identity that they need to be resilient to the effects of racism. Our curriculum is based in both research and lived experience, but most importantly, it takes into account the fact that every parent who attends is bringing their own knowledge and experience. FLV's allow the space for us to learn from and get to know one another. After you register (this part is important!): You will receive at least two emails from VOW, and will need to do two things in response: A link to complete a Black Genius Profile on your child(ren) and a deadline for completion. We ask that you complete a profile on one child per family, though you can choose to do additional profiles if you have more than one child. Only one child's profile is required before attending the workshop. A Black Genius Profile is an individualized learning tool created specifically for Black children. The resulting profile can be used to advocate for your child's needs in school, and with other organizations or people your child comes into contact with. This process takes about 1-2 hours, so you'll want to set aside some time. It helps to sit down with your child and ask them questions! If the profile isn't completed by the deadline, we'll offer your spot to someone on the waiting list. A check-in email one week before the workshop, asking you to confirm your attendance by a particular deadline. You just need to respond--this will only take about a minute. If we don't hear from you by the deadline, we'll offer your spot to someone on the waiting list. Your registration is only complete once these two steps are complete. Holler with any questions throughout the process! Village of Wisdom provides participants with: Breakfast, lunch, and snacks Childcare (babies are welcome, and will stay with parents during the workshop) A stipend of $150 per family for their time and full participation  FAQ Do you really give people $150? Yes! The no-strings-attached stipend is intended for each family to apply toward their child(ren)'s growth. We believe that you know what is best for your family, so that might mean groceries, summer camp, bills, daycare, transportation, etc. We give each family a check at the end of training. Our only requirements (but ones we hold fast to) are 1) though we welcome and encourage multiple parents/caregivers to come together, we are only able to provide one stipend per family; and 2) at least one participant per household must be present for the entire training.  I'm a friend/ally/step-parent/grandparent. Can I come? If you're the legal or unofficial full-time or joint-custody guardian of the child. In other cases, please be on the lookout for other VOW events. We recommend REI trainings to learn more about the history and context of racism in the US, and OAR caucuses (available to REI training participants) to get involved in anti-racist conversations and work. I'm not Black, but my children are. How about me? Right now, we are prioritizing our ability to provide these workshops to Black caregivers. We're working to develop a curriculum for non-Black parents of Black children in the future. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know when it's announced, and contact Danielle Spratley ([email protected]) if you'd like to be contacted about participating in focus groups as we develop this curriculum. I don't drive. Is there transportation available? Absolutely--contact William Jackson ([email protected]) with the address in Durham where you'll need to be picked up and dropped off on Saturday and Sunday, and we'll arrange a Lyft to pick you up.  I'm not sure I can come, or I can only come for part of the workshop.  We'd love for you to join us, but ask that you wait to reserve your spot until you are able to commit to the full workshop since we base catering and materials costs off of your RSVP. If you can only come for part of the workshop, we ask that you give up your spot this time so that another family can be brought into the village. The material builds on itself, so there's really no good time to come for only part of the workshop. We have workshops every few months--there will be another one soon!  I've already been, but I want to come again! Bet. We would love to have you! We even have new information and a new format to share. Past participants can contact Taylor Webber-Fields ([email protected]) to volunteer to help during the workshop, and sit in free of charge. 

when: May 17 @ 8:30am - May 18 @ 4pm
where: W. G. Pearson Center, 600 E. Umstead St., Durham, NC, 27701 (map)
category: Summer Camp Events


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