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Ashland, NE Summer Camp Programs 2019

Ashland, NE Summer Camps

  • Carol Joy Holling Camp Conference & Retreats

    27416 Ranch Rd, Ashland, NE, 68003

    Scenic 300 acre Christian Camp. Between Omaha & Lincoln. Cabins, tents, tipis, retreat and conference facilities.

    Activities: Aquatic Activities, Backpacking, Boating, Challenge/Rope Courses, Community Service, Horseback Riding (Western), Leadership Development, Nature/Environmental Studies, Religious Study, Team Building, Arts and Crafts, Camping Skills/Outdoor Living, Canoeing, Ceramics/Pottery, Farming/Ranching/Gardening, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Music, Photography, Recreational Swimming, Wilderness Trips

    Category: Summer Camp

  • Camp Superkids - Ne - Ymca Camp Kitaki

    YMCA Camp Kitaki, 14917 E Park Hwy, Louisville, NE, 68037

    Camp Superkids is a camp for kids with asthma. Kids get to enjoy all the fun of an outdoor, residential summer camp while in a medically-safe environment. Campers stay in cabins of 8-12 campers with 2 YMCA counselor. Two health staff are teamed to provide care for each cabin. Daily interactive asthma education games ...

    Organization: American Lung Association Minnesota

    Activities: Camping, Arts and crafts, Basketball, Canoeing, Kayaking, Soccer, Volleyball, Water sports, Open water swimming, Other diseases and disorders

    Category: Camp Program

  • Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference & Retreat Center

    27416 Ranch Rd, Ashland, NE

    Carol Joy Holling Camp is located on 317 acres near Ashland, NE and serves nearly 1,600 campers each summer!

    Category: Lodging, Summer Camp

  • Previous Camp Activities

  • World Tour Summer Camps

    July 8 - July 9

    The Word Tour Camps allow participants to journey around the world without leaving Omaha and exposes them to the culture, food, music, games, sports, history, politics of a foreign country and several academic enrichment activities. This inaugural edition will take kids on an expedition to France, Egypt, China, Italy, India and Ghana. Children live through a fun filled memorable 5-day journey in Omaha. This all-day program provides exciting and fun-filled days at camp. Campers return home at the end of ...

    Category: Summer Programs & Events

  • Timeless: Life Teen Weekend Retreat - Ashland, NE

    November 3 - November 5 @ Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference & Retreat Center

    We're gearing up for another amazing weekend retreat to help you to strengthen your relationship with God...and discover how He has been with you in the past, is most definitely with you here in the present, and will stay with you in the future. God's love is TIMELESS!

    Category: Summer Programs & Events

  • Kids Camp: Trolls - Omaha, NE

    July 17 - July 20

    All Kids Camp screenings are Pick Your Price - $1, $3, $5 - with 100% of ticket sales donated to local nonprofits and schools! A new candy-colored animated family comedy from the creators of SHREK. Turns out the boldly coiffed Trolls are just as annoyingly optimistic as you’d think, constantly singing and dancing. Meanwhile, the fellow residents of their brightly colored world — the Bergens — are the polar opposite: Dour pessimists… who are only happy when they have Trolls in their stomachs. Yikes. ...

    Category: Summer Programs & Events

  • Kids Camp: Sing - Omaha, NE

    June 26 - June 29

    All Kids Camp screenings are Pick Your Price - $1, $3, $5 - with 100% of ticket sales donated to local nonprofits and schools. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has a strict no talking policy, but we may be forced to be lenient about humming and singing when it comes to SING, the latest animated film from the people who brought you DESPICABLE ME and THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS. This infectious, rambunctious movie is jammed with beloved pop songs made famous by everyone from Lady Gaga to Frank Sinatra, from Seal ...

    Category: Summer Programs & Events

  • Life Teen Weekend Retreat - Ashland, NE

    November 11 - November 13

    SAVE THE DATE, HIGH SCHOOL TEENS! We're already gearing up for this year's Fall Retreat, and it is going to be so good, it's Divine...

    Category: Summer Programs & Events

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